Not your sati savitri

Being Sati Savitri is overrated, I’d rather drink some beer and have some fun.


This post is hopefully the start of a community where saree loving women from all over the world can have a little space to call their own.








Photos: Vincent Boyer (Say hi on instagram @vincetravelbook)

This blog is a quest to find what the six yards of fabric means to women at home in the Indian sub-continent and abroad. A saree isn’t just something one wears on special occassions and then forgets, it is a living embodiment of tens of thousands of years of culture, of resistance, it is a celebration of womanhood, our strength and more importantly our imperfections.

To me there is a lot of meaning behind the fact that the saree is one of the few truly free size garments, one doesn’t have to fit any beauty standards to feel absolutely breathtaking.

My name is Tanaya, I live in Sydney and I am an avid saree collector as well as wearer. However, I wear my sarees mostly with things that I’ve been told are a no no. In these photos, I am wearing a vintage Jamdani that belonged to my grandmother with ripped jeans and a panda tee-shirt.

I almost never wear petticoats (under skirt) with my sarees, I prefer denim, shorts, skirts and full length pants and I don’t like matching blouses. It started with me not being willing to wait on a beautiful garment just because I didn’t have the matching top and bottom to go with it.

As time went by I got more and more happy with experimenting and now I wear my sarees with pretty much anything I can lay my hands on and wear them out and about everywhere, I really mean EVERYWHERE. In these photos, we were walking about on a warm afternoon drinking beers before going to a pub, playing Cards Against Humanity, drinking some more and enjoying a live band.

I believe there is no place or occasion to wear something that has survived centuries, it can and should be worn anywhere we want to. So my friends, lets wear sarees, be nasty and take up space. Being Sati Savitri is overrated, I’d rather drink some beer and have some fun.

Author: Tanaya Das

PleatsnPallu is a unique project started in Sydney, Australia by Tanaya Das to celebrate the identity of South Asian women every where. This is a quest to find what the six/ nine yards of fabric means to us and celebrating who we are in a saree. The narrative is focussed on celebrating all kinds of bodies with extra attention on those that are less celebrating in the mainstream.

3 thoughts on “Not your sati savitri”

  1. You are right tanaya..rock the saree and have a great time!!!!…women tend to not wear it as they feel it is to be worn only during traditional occasions and it’s not convenient.we need to look beyond these minor hiccups and enjoy the fabric that takes weeks sometimes months to create.

  2. Well ,what can I say …. I am awed by your concept,your style ,this is the perfect example of ‘kithao amar Hariye jawar neyi mana’ by Tagore…

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